The tuition cost is $675.00. (We have been doing this for twenty years and have extensive information and ideas which will help you travel very inexpensively. This information is given to you immediately after you register for the training).

**NEW** Sponsorship Program

The Center for Teacher Effectiveness provides you with a proven method to find others who may want to help you pay your tuition. The Sponsorship Program has been successfully used by other candidates who have had their tuition and travel . . . everything . . . paid for!

Why not try to find sponsors to help pay the train-the-trainer fee? It’s easy! We will provide a LOT of proven ideas and materials to keep you on track until you find your sponsor(s).

*We do not help you find sponsors, but we do furnish you with a written program, ideas, and a guideline and accountability system to find sponsors.

If you decide you want to try to find sponsors you will be given access to a library of forms and ideas. We have created and streamlined a system that makes it simple for sponsors to support some or all of your tuition. You send out letters to sponsors asking to support you becoming a Certified Time To Teach trainer. It is simple because we have written all of the sample sponsorship letters for you. We have included all sample letters, telephone talking points, thank you letters, networking charts, donation tracking, and so much more. Remember, the #1 reason people give money, is because they are asked. We created the program, you will be putting in the time and effort to earn your way into a Time To Teach training.

You can get started finding sponsors within a matter of minutes of downloading the Sponsor Program file. You will receive this file only after you register and sign an agreement to attend the training.

As we said the #1 reason people give money is because they are asked, and we want to teach you how to ask and receive funds. People WANT to help teachers and schools, but often don’t know how.