Our History

Madeline Hunter and Coach John Wooden

Teachers have the hardest job in America. Among all the tasks that we juggle, two are paramount; curriculum and discipline. Neither is more important, nor can one be effective without the other. We give you highly effective classroom discipline and differentiated instruction strategies so that you can have more Time To Teach!

Time To Teach was originally influenced over 40 years ago with the help and guidance of Dr. Madeline Hunter and John Wooden, both of UCLA. (yes, that’s right, Coach Wooden!)

The Center For Teacher Effectiveness, continues the work of Wooden and Hunter in collaboration with leading educators, researchers, and master teachers all around the United States.

We are rapidly becoming the leading provider of teacher education, training and staff development in the United States and Canada. Our concentration is redefining teaching and learning in schools and providing highly useful professional teacher staff development. For the last decade, we have been producing and sponsoring high quality, in-depth training programs especially designed for K-12 education professionals.

Our Differentiated Instruction for Student Motivation and Engagement is a full day course.  This course was developed by Eric Combs, 2006 Ohio Teacher of the Year, and is heavily influences by the work of Robert Marzano, Carol Ann Tomlinson, and Sir Ken Robinson.  These highly interactive strategies have been developed with the busy and overwhelmed teacher in mind.  They can be immediately placed into practice the very next day!

Our programs are proven in practice, and are presented by outstanding experts in the subject matter. They are based in research, are practical, and easy to implement.

Our seminars are highly useful and very entertaining. After all of that, our seminar participants leave with a comprehensive Resource Manual filled with teacher lesson plans, ideas, and easy-to-implement strategies! Finally, our training is not only effective, it is also a chance to interact, network and have fun with other teaching professionals. It is guaranteed to be the best professional development experience that you will have in your career.

Our outstanding program is designed for any grade level and student profile. Our sensible, respectful, and powerful program will forever improve your classroom and give you more Time To Teach.

Unbelievable! This is the most entertaining speaker I have ever heard! Five blue stars! He taught our teachers how to restore civility in their classrooms, gave us tons of useful and practical tips, and was funny and entertaining! I think he should call his keynote “Tools for Tomorrow, not just Theory for Thought,” because his talk was riddled with tools and techniques that our teachers use on a daily basis.”
Darrel Rudd, President National Association of Elementary School Principals

“Where was this teacher when I was in school?  Eric Combs has inspired me, entertained us and most of all brought into clear view many easy and useful strategies.  I can’t wait to try these strategies in my school!”
Dr. Phil Deardorf, Superintendent of Schools, Indianapolis, IN 

“From the first minute on of listening we were all hooked. You can tell he has spent many, many years in classrooms. He walks the walk, and talks the talk. We liked him so much we had him train in ALL of our schools.”
Rick Dutton, Director of Education -Denver Public Schools

“It is one thing to be a highly talented speaker, but quite another to be a superb human being. This trainer is such a person. She delivers a message filled with hope, strategies, and entertainment. Whether the conference is about reading, writing, or arithmetic he provides the tools necessary for the teacher to shine in their particular setting. She is the best.”
TerraBeth Jochems, Teacher and Education Conference Organizer Cherish the Children Through Literacy and Learning