Educator Testimonials

Dr. Phil Deardorf Superintendent

“There’s a good reason why Eric Combs, the DI program developer, was named Ohio Teacher of the Year. He is knowledgeable, energetic (and entertaining too), and he brings a wealth of information to the classroom based on his unique perspective, his distinctive preparation and his military experiences. He is the true definition of a non-traditional teacher, since he was prepared through an Alternative Certification program in Ohio and the Troops to Teachers program.”

“The workshop was one of the most immediately useful workshops taken to date. Even after 20 years of education!”
Renee Matson

“An overall Stellar course! The humor made this enjoyable and the practical ideas combined with the time to process it made this course for me.”
Valerie R.

“I almost felt like I was in church, because I conditionally found myself saying “amen” under my breath, and even aloud once! The presenter had a complete understanding of his subject. His examples were very appropriate and occasionally humorous! His presentation was well organized and superbly done.”
Donna Weed

“We were given a TON of great strategies and activities that I can use on Monday!”

“After teaching all day and then attending this workshop, I was worried about how I was going to stay awake. But “no fear!”! The presenter kept me wide awake and captivated at all times. Especially since he related so well to what actually happens in a classroom. Every one of his “student” examples. I’ve had in my classroom!”
Tim Aho

“I was going to retire this year, tired of all the nonsense and students who don’t pay attention. This seminar has given me some great ideas to put into my lessons, I think I will be around a few more years. Thank you!”

“I loved it, and I’ll use it, good job!”
C. Jay Garvin-Merz

“I got the impression you’ve been in our shoes, so you were able to speak from experience, which means much more than just a philosophy. Your course was well worth the drive.”
Teri Moore

“Teachers need to find ways to compete with videos, games, and cell phones. Your course gave me some fantastic ideas to do just that! Thank you!”
Michelle G.

“Extremely valuable information and well informed. WOW! I really wasn’t ready to leave. I learned more in this short time then years of in-services and reading journals. Thanks so much, I can’t wait to get started!”
Iris Hawkins

“The presenter was great and engaged our interest. The seminar was fantastic! Great ideas and very engaging! All of the areas discussed can be directly applied and used in the classroom. My students will love these! Thanks You.”
Jane S.

“On Thursday, I was about ready to give up. Today I feel like there is some hope. This is worthwhile, and gives me some tools to work with!”
Debra Collins

“While I have had training in differentiated instruction before, this seminar was explained well and provided lots of great practical applications! Thank you!”
Brian P.

“Presentation was awesome and motivational!”
Carrie Ostrum

“The best logical presentation on DI I’ve ever had in my 23 years of teaching. I have practical ideas I can use immediately. The presenter shows great knowledge of classroom practices, management, and what life is like in the classroom (so few do).”
Neil Hudgens

“All the concepts and idea presented were logical, practical, and had the best interest of all the students in mind. I really enjoyed my day and am leaving the seminar with a new outlook on DI. I appreciated the humor. The presenter made the class fun. I recommend this seminar to anyone who works with children!”
Deb Johnson

“The presenter was very practical and, honestly, I learned more about teaching and kids with him than in all of my education classes in college combined.”

“Thank you for all of the ideas to help with the whole class and not just my struggling students. The presenter is a very personable and well-informed on his subject!”
Phyllis Lamon

“The presenter provided an excellent workshop! He is extremely knowledgeable and gave me some hope for next year. I had previously attended a conference and wanted to come back to refresh what I am already trying. His strategies are playing a successful role in my classroom. Excellent seminar!”
Kelsie Anderson

“Loved the “hot seat” and “storytelling” strategies that they taught us! This will really liven up my classroom!”
Jennifer G.

“Wow! An amazing seminar! The presenter energy and expertise is fantastic. Where was this teacher when I was in school?”

“My presenter provided valuable information for teachers. This seminar was informative and enjoyable. I have seen a major turnaround in my student’s behavior and self-esteem AND SCORES. using these ideas!!!”
Donna Ledbetter

“The seminar was excellent! I really can’t wait to get back to school and try the ideas!”
Helen M. Steward

“Your presentation was Awesome! You brought energy, fun, and excitement to the presentation and all of us who attended have not looked back. You have truly helped me to create the environment in which we want our kids to learn.”
Johnny A.

“Your knowledge of the subject was clearly well researched and the workshop was one that I rate a 10!”
Jean Templeton

“Class was very informative. Lots of good information presented. It is formatted for use right away. Practical-ready to use come Monday. Very enjoyable. Thanks!”

“This guy Eric is off the hook! Funny, relevant and I never thought I would learn so much in a single day!”
Donna S.

“This was one of the most valuable in-services I have ever been to! These ideas make so much sense. I see this working for a majority of our students and even my special education kids!”

“Good pace! Exciting presentation; animation, movement, and real life examples were really helpful. Information is useful and applicable.”

“Seminar got right to the point and covered a lot of ground. Training manuals and PowerPoint were great. Great sense of humor!”

“What a valuable tool! We were given a very refreshing outlook and new perspectives on a positive way to teach all our diverse students. Thanks for a great seminar!”

“Awesome seminar! Fun and filled with lots of ideas! Thanks!”
Chondra J

“I am a student teacher, and today was my first day “on the job”. I could not think of more valuable thing to learn at the beginning of a stressful time in my own education. Thank you!”

“A great speaker. I loved the concrete strategies to conquer the lack of learning.”

“I liked the fast pace and light heartedness foundation, and am anxious to implement!”

“I liked how knowledgeable and interesting the presenter was. The examples he gave were all ones that I could relate to. I have been to several DIworkshops, but she had hands-on ideas that I can use on Monday. Excellent job!”